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Ohio State unveils 2012 Rivalry (e.g. Pro Combat) uniforms for the Michigan game

After much speculation and weeks of analyzing leaks, Ohio State's 2012 alternate uniforms are finally here.

The past two weeks have produced much speculation about what Ohio State would be wearing against Michigan in the 2012 iteration of The Game. Going as far back as August, we first got a glimpse at what appeared to (at the very least) be mockups for alternate uniforms to be worn by the team at some point during the 2012 football season.

After leaks ranging from a promotional image on the Ohio State athletic department's official team store to officially licensed (but quickly removed from being for sale) t-shirts to reveal the rather streamlined helmets, we digested each new reveal piece by piece.

Fast forward to this morning when Ohio State issued a release officially acknowledging for the first time that the team would be wearing alternate uniforms against Michigan this Saturday:

Ohio State will be outfitted for the game in special Nike uniforms. This year's model hints back to the uniform style worn by the Buckeyes starting in the 1967 season but that are typically referenced as the uniforms worn by the 1968 national champion Ohio State squad. This year's uniform look includes:

  • Scarlet jerseys with large gray numbers on front and back of the jersey and most noticeably on the shoulder pads;
  • Gray pants with wider piping down the sides;
  • Black stripe around the jersey sleeves;
  • Seven Buckeye leaves along the back collar and a Block "O" on the front collar; and
  • Wider scarlet, white and black stripe on a dull chrome helmet.
  • And now we finally have the visual proof of the uniforms after they were revealed at a Beat Blue pep rally this evening at the Ohio Union.

    Thoughts? Are the uniforms what you thought they would be? And how do they measure up to previous year's alternates?

    Tim Jessberger contributed to this report. You can follow Tim on Twitter at @tjessberger.