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Jim Delany: Big Ten divisions to be revisited after all

While Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany mentioned yesterday during the Maryland press conference that the Big Ten's divisions would be revisited, most of us just rolled our eyes and assume he was paying lip service to the notion at best. Sure, they'd "revisit" them, but given how notoriously stubborn the league's leadership can be, it seemed just as easy of a bet that that revisitation would mean going through the motions and then the reported Ilinois shifting to the Legends Division and Rutgers & Maryland joining the Leaders Division coming to fruition after all.

Delany told the Chicago Tribune's Teddy Greenstein that there weren't any truth to the reports that a Maryland administrator had confirmed Rutgers and Maryland would be joining the Leaders Division:

B1G commish Jim Delany just told me we should not believe report on Rut & Md going to Leaders, and Ill shifting to Legends ...

Delany: "I have absolutely no idea where that came from. We have not had discussion one about that."

Whether or not that's commissioner speak or the real deal, hope is hope. Fingers crossed, Big Ten football fans.