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Hangout in the Holy Land Ep. 2: Michigan-Ohio State

Luke Zimmermann, Brett Ludwiczak, Chris Kopech, Matt Brown, and Ted Glover join forces to discuss The Game and all things Big Ten expansion.

We're back, bigger and better than ever. Matt and I return from our maiden voyage – and we bring some new friends along with us. Our own Ted Glover, Chris Kopech (who recovered quite nicely from technical difficulties suffered not long before episode 1, thank you very much), and the man, the myth, the legend, Brett "B-Leez" Ludwiczak.

This episode is a special, double stuffed addition. In addition to bringing a full house of hot sports takes, we give you twice as many of them. In the 36 minutes of pure hotness, you get all things Big Ten expansion and Michigan-Ohio State, 2012. Sure, the former doesn't feel quite right this week and we could definitely opt to feign indignant if we thought it would accomplish something, but you can't stop that train. Accordingly, we discuss what Maryland and Rutgers bring to the Big Ten conference, whether or not the league is done, and what the new 14 team league has in store.

Finally, we get to the main event: The Game. We talk about how we foresee this game playing out, whether or not Denard Robinson will be healthy, if Devin Gardner concerns us or not, which one Wolverine we can't stand (you know, even more so than the rest), and lastly, we deliver our predictions for how this Saturday's rivalry game will unfold.