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Brady Hoke: Meyer better not go for two 'because he couldn't go for three'

It's been rumored for a bit that Urban Meyer might pay homage to Woody Hayes in his first ever The Game. Brady Hoke advises him not to.

Brady Hoke, no fan of gratuitous two point conversions.
Brady Hoke, no fan of gratuitous two point conversions.

Whether it was merely message board gossip or just the sort of thing one is prone to think of when a coach like Urban Meyer (remember his payback for Georgia's mass celebration a year later when he scored in the final moments of The Game Formerly Known As The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail party despite having a comfortable lead) enters a big, historical rivalry such as The Game, we may never know. And yet, Brady Hoke was asked Wednesday morning how he'd feel if Urban Meyer decided to go for two in lieu of one as a tip of the cap to the late, great Ohio State head coach, Woody Hayes, who infamously went for two up late on Michigan "because he couldn't go for three":

Rumors are swirling in the Ohio State athletic office that Urban Meyer might honor Hayes by going for two on Saturday if the game is out of hand. Stoney asked if that would piss off Hoke.

"Yeah it would piss me off a lot," Hoke said. "It won't get to that point."

If you're an Ohio State fan, I imagine you can't help but want it to go down almost exactly like that after seeing how much it would irk Hoke. We'll see if the situation enables Meyer to make good on the homage and whether or not he elects to even if the opportunity presents itself.