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Ohio State, one of two undefeated teams 7th in the BlogPoll Top 25

The Internet deserves your scorn, Ohio State fans.

Urban Meyer is outraged at Ohio State's lack of respect in the BlogPoll Top 25.
Urban Meyer is outraged at Ohio State's lack of respect in the BlogPoll Top 25.
Mike McGinnis

Call it what you want to call: punishing the Buckeyes for having a middle of the pack schedule, degrading the team because the rest of their conference is down concurrently, myopically holding non-sequitur postseason failures from 5 and 6 years ago against the team, or taking a ridiculous moralist stance and punishing Ohio State in an Internet poll designed to expose fault in the media and coaches' respective polls.

Alas, if anything, the BlogPoll from my experience and the secondary observation of people voting Ohio State #1 overall or 2-loss Texas A&M #2 overall, only further goes to show what a chore it is for media/SID types and how even if you dare to be outside-the-box thinking or rely on some auxiliary/creative third party methodology for ranking your teams, you're ultimately going to find yourself beholden with some kind of logical fallacy or computational faux pas pretty much either way.

So is this an existential treatise on the meaninglessness of polls? Not so much. But that there are eight voters in an Internet power poll leaving an extremely talented 11-0 Ohio State team off their ballots entirely either for moral grand standing or just plain self-righteous bullshit reasons I think says all that needs to be said on the subject.

Seriously, I can take a "I think teams 1-11 would beat Ohio State" argument (which while arbitrary is still your opinion) more than I can "we're not going to rank teams that are on probation," short-sighted lines of thinking. And spare me your "buh buh buh Purdue!" retorts. Comfortable #1 Notre Dame beat Purdue, 20-17. Ohio State's 2002 national championship team was far better than this current iteration, but they had plenty of close calls against inferior opposition as well. And I seem to recall Terrence Cody needing to block a field goal to save Alabama during their first national title run. To dismiss a team on the basis of their lowest moment is as illogical as overrating one for playing above their heads (see: Texas A&M, who I love to watch, for what it's worth, but also saw their flaws against Florida and LSU, who both, yanno, beat them).

Enough bitching and moaning; Ohio State's 7th. The sunglasses will drop from the sky and we'll deal with it. Maybe we'll start voting them #1 overall in protest over the eight holier-than-thou types omitting them from their ballots altogether (one of whom we know for a fact's team is actually on NCAA probation at present). The methodology wouldn't be anymore flawed than the folks voting Florida State and Texas A&M #1 overall.

Nebraska checks in at 16th this week while Michigan is 21st overall. Former Ohio State assistant head coach and wide receivers coach Darrell Hazell's Kent State Golden Flashes make their debut at 23rd after we've been voting them for a few weeks. And hey look, a not great at all Boise State team is back in the poll for some reason. Go Internet.

College Football Rankings 2011

Results for Week 12

# School Points/blog SD Delta
1 Notre Dame Fighting Irish (63) 24.82 0.59 Arrow_up 2
2 Alabama Crimson Tide (4) 23.39 1.25 Arrow_up 2
3 Oregon Ducks 21.28 1.60 Arrow_down -2
4 Georgia Bulldogs 20.75 3.12 Arrow_up 1
5 Kansas St. Wildcats 19.17 2.18 Arrow_down -3
6 Florida Gators 18.72 3.57 --
7 Ohio St. Buckeyes (2) 18.38 7.38 Arrow_up 2
8 Florida St. Seminoles (1) 18.08 3.32 Arrow_down -1
9 LSU Tigers 16.70 3.06 Arrow_down -1
10 Stanford Cardinal 16.41 2.33 Arrow_up 4
11 Texas A&M Aggies (1) 16.31 3.04 Arrow_down -1
12 Clemson Tigers 15.35 2.46 Arrow_down -1
13 Oklahoma Sooners 12.51 3.21 --
14 South Carolina Gamecocks 12.27 2.71 Arrow_down -2
15 UCLA Bruins 10.23 2.56 Arrow_up 2
16 Nebraska Cornhuskers 9.54 2.45 Arrow_down -1
17 Oregon St. Beavers 9.45 3.32 Arrow_down -1
18 Texas Longhorns 7.54 2.63 --
19 Louisville Cardinals 6.59 2.91 --
20 Rutgers Scarlet Knights 4.76 2.93 Arrow_up 2
21 Michigan Wolverines 4.30 2.46 Arrow_up 3
22 Oklahoma St. Cowboys 4.01 2.90 Arrow_up 3
23 Kent St. Golden Flashes 3.52 3.01 --
24 Northern Illinois Huskies 3.14 3.28 Arrow_up 3
25 Boise St. Broncos 1.59 3.38 Arrow_up 4
Others Receiving Votes: Utah State Aggies | Mississippi St. Bulldogs | Northwestern Wildcats | San Jose St. Spartans | Louisiana Tech Bulldogs | USC Trojans | Arizona Wildcats | Washington Huskies | Central Florida Knights | Tulsa Golden Hurricane | Penn St. Nittany Lions | Baylor Bears | TCU Horned Frogs | Wisconsin Badgers | Cincinnati Bearcats | Texas Tech Red Raiders | Toledo Rockets | Fresno St. Bulldogs | San Diego St. Aztecs | Michigan St. Spartans | Vanderbilt Commodores | Ball St. Cardinals
Updated: Nov 20, 2012 10:31 AM EST