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Urban Meyer: "Let's beat the sh*t out of Michigan"

This rivalry goes to eleven.

Urban Meyer added to the famous talking points The Rivalry's produced Friday.
Urban Meyer added to the famous talking points The Rivalry's produced Friday.

No one denies that Michigan-Ohio State is around as intense of a rivalry as you get. Cousins hating cousins, brothers hating brothers, spouses hating spouses; having two border states go at it in football every year for over a hundred years tends to do that to you. Along the way, between legendary icons of the likes of Bo Schembechler and Woody Hayes, there have been plenty of great talking points back and forth about the two schools and their passionate distaste for one another. From Hayes' "because we couldn't go to three" to Francis Schmidt's "they put their pants on one leg at a time just like everybody else" that led to the inception of the Gold Pants club, there have been plenty to go around.

Appearing at the Earle Bruce Beat Michigan Tailgate to benefit Alzheimer's research Friday morning, Meyer added his own flair to the storied rivalry (account via Jeff Rapp, who was one of a number on hand):

Meyer said he made a promise to the Ohio State seniors that "if they gave everything they had we would make it a special year for them."

Meyer said a win over Michigan could "make this one of the most memorable seasons in the history of Ohio State University football."

"There's a reason why you do what you do," Meyer said, lip quivering. "Let's beat the sh** out of Michigan."

If you're not ready to strap on a helmet and give it a go right about now, perhaps this whole college football thing isn't for you.

UPDATE – Check out the audio below:

UPDATE #2 (because we couldn't go for three) – We've now got video as well of the end of the speech. Check out the emotion on Meyer's face.: