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Urban Meyer speaks to Ohio State crowd, praises senior class

The Buckeyes' head man makes it hard to not want tomorrow's kickoff to come today.

On the eve of the 109th Michigan-Ohio State game, during half time of Ohio State's Friday night basketball game against UMKC, Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer addressed the crowd along with the Buckeyes' senior class. Echoing some of the same talking points from his appearance at Earle Bruce's Beat Michigan charity tailgate earlier today, Meyer discussed that the members of the Ohio State football team had the option to transfer without penalty due to the NCAA's sanctions but that Meyer and his staff made a promise to those seniors that if they gave them their all, they'd do everything in their power to make 2012 a season to remember. Regardless of what happens tomorrow, it's safe to say the end result will have certainly been that.

Also given Meyer's rather emphatic statement earlier today to "beat the sh*t out of Michigan", it sure seems like tomorrow at 12 PM EST can't get here soon enough.