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Urban Meyer post-Michigan press conference opening statements

Meyer gave an emotionally relieved quick address to the media before taking questions.

12-0. How sweet it is. Urban Meyer spoke to the media and began with a brief opening statement on the season as a whole in its entirety. After the roller coaster season the Buckeyes has been through, you can almost feel the palpable relief, not only that the ride has come to an end, but that it came to a conclusion the way it did.

Alas, this is just the first step for the Buckeyes. With potentially 9 starters on offense and 4-5 on defense coming back (along with Urban Meyer's second recruiting and first full cycle one as Ohio State's head coach), this could be just the beginning for Meyer and company. The Buckeyes will have a day or two to soak it all in and celebrate going 12-0, but after that, it's back to work to begin moving towards 2013-2014. As quickly as this wild ride won't be forgotten, this mmighty be remembered as just the first chapter in an even more incredible, longer arc.