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Urban Meyer post-Michigan-Ohio State press conference

The Buckeyes' head man spoke to the media one final time to rehash to 2012 season that was.

Urban Meyer spoke to the media one last time in 2012 to rehash the season.
Urban Meyer spoke to the media one last time in 2012 to rehash the season.

Urban Meyer met with the media Monday morning to recap the 2012 Michigan-Ohio State game as well as look back on the perfect season that was. Highlights included the following:

  • Meyer said a memory he'd always have would be the complete selflessness of the team. Said it was the best he'd ever seen.
  • Said their primary concern would be recruiting but that a close second would be the development of players.
  • Meyer graded the OSU passing game as a C or maybe a C-. Stated that was up from where it was a year ago at the same time. Still said it wasn't in "the same hemisphere" of what he and the staff desired.
  • Said if Braxton Miller improved his fundamentals, "[it'd be] comical" what he'd be able to do. Said Tom Herman did good work with him but there was still work needed.
  • Called Miller "not a great scrambler" and said that was something else they needed to work on.
  • Meyer on senior captains John Simon (who missed the Michigan game with a swollen knee) and Zach Boren "Incredible people" and said he was better for having been around them.
  • Coach Meyer said years ago it would've been impossible for him to see his son play football on Sundays but actually got multiple tickets for running red lights to get to the games this year.