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GameThread: Illinois Fighting Illini vs. #8 Ohio State Buckeyes

Join fellow Buckeye partisans to talk about the only campaign we collectively care about: Ohio State's quest to go 10-0.

The man with a million nouns returns to Columbus.
The man with a million nouns returns to Columbus.
Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

Urban Meyer's first year has in some measures gone better than many could've expected/hoped. While most had either Michigan State or Nebraska earmarked as a loss going into the season, the Buckeyes have passed all tests given to them up to this point. Plus we learned that Braxton Miller is essentially Bruce Willis from "Unbreakable", so there's that.

While on paper, Illinois is one of the worst FBS teams in the country, given the fact that the Illini have won 7 of 11 in Ohio Stadium, it's difficult to feel good about this one, regardless of what Las Vegas thinks.

The objective for Ohio State remains simple: survive and advance. The Buckeyes have played down to seemingly every opponent of lesser caliber they've faced, but to their credit, they've always managed to play up to the opposition that seemed to merit it. Here's hoping this one is neither a look ahead nor a play down scenario and the Illini provides the Buckeyes' first opportunity to put together a complete game on both sides of the ball against a would be have not side.

Below is your Ohio State GameThread. Feel free to talk shop with your fellow Buckeyes, but above all else, always remember: pay it forward. If you give us the opportunity to discard you like an Illinois offensive lineman, don't think we won't.