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4 GIFs epitomizing Ohio State's 52-22 win over Illinois

The Buckeyes won 52-22 and naturally there were plenty of plays as per usual you owe it to yourself to see again.

Game. blouses.
Game. blouses.
Kirk Irwin

Ohio State dismissed the conventional wisdom that they were incapable of putting together four consecutive, coherent quarters against a lesser opponent Saturday against Illinois. Sure, the offense was a bit rocky in the 1st quarter, but we'd still score it 10-9 in favor of the "overdog" on behalf of one of their more consistent defensive performances early in a game all year.

But as is ordinarily the case when you enter a knife fight with a Braxton Miller, things got realer than real for the Buckeyes. It seems like just about every week Miller is doing something remarkable with his arm as well as something incredible with his feet. This weekend was no exception. Be it finding a seemingly covered receiver on a huge strike or making plays with his feet that other athletic quarterbacks just can't, Miller always seems to find a way to impose his will onto games.

Illinois may have been throwing punches under water for much of the afternoon, but that doesn't mean there weren't some plays that made your jaw drop.

Corey Brown's made it perfectly clear to anyone listening that he no longer wants to be known as "Philly". If the Philadelphia area native continues making plays like this, we'll call him anything he damn well pleases.


Much of the scuttle butt on the Internet surrounded a huge wheel route from the sophomore Heisman candidate Miller to redshirt sophomore tailback Rod Smith. Since Brandon Saine in the 2008 BCS Championship Game, Ohio State people love them some wheel routes:


Carlos "El Guapo" Hyde hid the ball in the end zone not once, not twice, but three different times. When you outrush Braxton Miller for touchdowns and your team wins by more than the number of touchdowns you scored, you're probably doing something, make that somethings right.


But we can't forget Braxton Miller. Leave Braxton Miller to his own devices and he's going to make Braxton Miller-y things happen.