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Urban Meyer Illinois-Ohio State post game press conference

Urban Meyer spoke to the media following Ohio State's commanding 52-22 win over Illinois.

Ohio State did a lot of things right against the Fighting Illini. Of course, Urban Meyer surely had plenty to say about that 7-8 minute slow offensive start, some of the penalties and mistakes the team made throughout the afternoon, and the plenty of other things that coaches like Meyer have a tendency to nitpick and scrutinize even following a win.

But given where Ohio State is relative to the expectations many Ohio State fans had going into the season, I suspect they could be in many worse places than 10-0. It's easy to get lost in the quest for perfection, but even if Ohio State falls in their final two contests of 2012 (and there'll be no one in Scarlet & Gray rooting for that certainly), I think it's probably safe to say that most will have considered the season a success.

Still, the most exciting part about everything is how this team continues to get better and better game in, game out. 10-0. On to the next one.