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Ohio State keeping up with the Joneses in latest LGHL BlogPoll Top 25 ballot

Ohio State finds themselves still at 5th in our latest BlogPoll Top 25 ballot.

Kirk Irwin

This one's for ProveIt. I still think that Louisville probably couldn't run with any of the other teams in the top 12, but they're unbeaten and in spite of a lack of head turning W's, deserve, at the very least, to be treated as such until they definitively prove otherwise. Alabama, Kansas State, Oregon, and Notre Dame stay stationary in our ballot this week relative to last week's.

For our promotion of Louisville, Georgia, and Florida take a fall. And LSU, I heard a number of folks say their playing the best team in the country better than anyone else merited them special treatment. That'd be fine and all if it was their first loss, but it wasn't. They can be the leaders in the clubhouse amongst the two loss teams until those in front of them go down as well. We all shall fall, etc. (we hopefully omitting Ohio State).

Texas A&M is our pet project du jour, finding themselves all the way up to 16th. UCLA and Nebraska are 17th and 18th inexplicably, and well, I don't think that Texas team is anything special, but they only have two losses. A Mississippi State team we're also not huge on either follows closely behind along with Louisiana Tech, who can't seem to beat the WAC's best with any kind of style points with much regularity lately.

It's worth tooting our own horn as it were to brag about having a MAC team in the Top 25 ahead of the curve. Toledo's fun to watch and all (and certainly doesn't have the damning embarrassing blow out loss to Kentucky), but they also haven't beaten a team of Rutgers' class on the road. Who knows, maybe we can rank MULTIPLE MAC teams next week. #MACtion