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Win a trip, hotel room, and game tickets for two to the bowl game of your choice

Hyundai is pulling out all the stops and giving you the opportunity to do what Ohio State can't and go to a bowl game.

What makes us tick as Ohio State fans?
What makes us tick as Ohio State fans?

Do you know why Hyundai rules? Because they love college football. And especially because they love college football fans. We've worked with some great folks this year to provide some great give aways to our readers during this site's admittedly young life, but we strongly suspect this one may wind up taking the cake yet. Hyundai's willing to put their money where there mouth is and potentially send one of you (*and* a companion) to the college football bowl game of your choice, complete with airfare and hotel provided.

So the important part: just how exactly do you enter? Easy: just do what you do best - be a fan in the comments below. The topic here is simple and pretty straight forward: why are you - are we - such loyal, committed Ohio State fans? What makes us do what we do and eat, sleep, and breathe Ohio State football?

Look, there's not much doubting that college football fans (and especially Buckeye ones) are the most dedicated and loyal fans there are; now we want you to tell us your story, and if your comment is the best one, you'll be selected as a finalist for an SB Nation network wide contest. As a finalist, you and our staff will talk about why we're crazy about the Buckeyes, except we'll take it out of the comments and make it a full fledged post. And if our conversation is selected by SB Nation's panel of judges as their favorite? You and a lucky someone are going to whatever post season game you want. You know, in full honesty, we don't really have any plans this January...

DISCLAIMER: You can only enter once on the entire SB Nation network of sites. As awesome as your story is, we're greedy and hope you share it here. If you go and modify/polish it up and share it elsewhere on another SBN blog, the one you posted here is going to be the only one that counts for the contest's purposes. Be sure you come hard and come correct, because the Land-Grant Holy Land staff will pick the best entry as our winner to try and bring the whole thing home during Michigan week.

You used to jump in Mirror Lake that time of year. If you play your cards right, this year you could clinching plane tickets, a hotel room, and game tickets to fly to the BCS Championship Game (or another game that piques your interest) and spend your New Year in style.

Best of luck and Go Bucks!