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Ohio State, Marquette cancel Carrier Classic due to condensation on the court

After an almost hour long delay, the 2012 Carrier Classic was canceled.

Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE

There sure was a lot of buzz surrounding the 2012 Carrier Classic back when it was announced months prior that Ohio State and Marquette would be meeting on the surface of U.S.S. Yorktown just outside Charleston, South Carolina about what an awesome idea it was. Flash forward to the present and there has to be just as much second guessing and speculation as to why was scheduled when and how it was in the first place.

In a happening sure to have repercussions for future contests of that nature, after an almost hour long delay, sights including the likes of Marquette's Buzz Williams getting down on his hands and knees attempt to dry the court, the two teams and their athletic directors elected to cancel the game due to excessive condensation on the court. The obvious injury risks more than outweighed the prospects of trying to keep the court dry for two hours of action. Though the event was certainly an interesting concept for a great cause, the possibility of either team suffering an injury wasn't enough to merit even taking the chance with the dew buildup continuing to occur.

"I don't know how we could reschedule [the game] within this current calendar," Marquette's Buzz Williams said after the game. "It is [a disappointing end to the night]," Aaron Craft told NBC Sports Network's Lewis Johnson. Both teams will now open their seasons Sunday instead with the Buckeyes playing host to Albany at Value City Arena.