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Local DC news producer reports Georgia Tech & Virginia to the Big Ten, offers slight retraction

UPDATE: Kevin Jones, the DC CBS producer/blogger who boldly went live with some of the whispers many (us including) had been hearing concerning a potential as early as Monday announcement regarding Georgia Tech & Virginia has back tracked on his previous report:

On Friday I tweeted a report about Georgia Tech and Virginia, which turned out to be inaccurate -- for the time being. I can only offer my apologies to the people I misled. Changes in the ACC are on the cusp of fruition, but today is not that day.

The reality is that NCAA conference realignment is one of the more complex issues today in sports. Powerful people inside various universities have certain agendas. My sources, no matter how influential and credible they may be, indeed were not enough to run with a story of this magnitude. I found out the hard way.

I vow to not be defined by this error in judgment and look forward to interacting with all of you through various media platforms.

So there's that. We personally still haven't heard anything to suggest the deal is totally off the table, but if more smoke appears on our radar, we'll certainly pass it along.

The information worth taking with numerous degrees of skepticism keeps rolling in, but with such a girth of it, should we probably be giving it more and more credence?

Washington DC online content producer Kevin Jones (WUSA9 in the District) is reporting a source of his is saying that not only will Georgia Tech Monday announce that they're leaving the ACC to join the Big Ten, but that the University of Virginia is coming with them:

Source: Georiga Tech and UVA will announce decision to leave ACC by Monday. Will join Big 10

For what it's worth, we've heard similar whispers from a couple different sources that aren't Jones, but nothing we'd feel particularly comfortable/reliable enough to run with. If he's right, the Big Ten must really be banking on securing the Norfolk-Portsmouth-New Port News market (41st in the country), Richmond-Petersburg (58th in the country), Roanoke-Lynchburg (67th), the Tri-Cities (TN-NC-VA, 92nd in the country), and whatever remnants of the DC market Maryland doesn't lay claim to. Though with DC, it's probably more about the Big Ten alumni in the area that'd be watching their teams play the Terps, it'd be interesting to know how many B1G alums migrate to the Commonwealth.