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Ohio State recruiting: '13 OH DE Tracy Sprinkle talks about his official visit

We chatted with 2013 DE Tracy Sprinkle to get thoughts on his official visit to Ohio State over the weekend as well as what the future of the Ohio State football program has in store.

Tracy Sprinkle, looking forward to being an Ohio State Buckeye.
Tracy Sprinkle, looking forward to being an Ohio State Buckeye.
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Ohio State's perfect 12-0 season has now come and gone. But with it, so too were Ohio State fans presented the chance to not only celebrate perfection, but show a group of future (and prospective future) Buckeyes what Ohio State football is all about. One of those Buckeyes is soon-to-be 2013 early enrollee Tracy Sprinkle.

It was also a banner fall for Tracy as he named the Associated Press' 2012 Ohio Division 1 Co-Defensive Player of the Year (along with future d-line running game, fellow 2013 commit, Billy Price). We spoke with the future Buckeye defensive lineman to give us the inside scoop on his official visit to Ohio State and what the perfect season celebration this past weekend was like from a visitor's perspective.

So talk to us about this celebration of perfection. Seems like a pretty big deal. How was it Friday night at St John Arena?

The celebration of perfection was really a wonderful ceremony set up by the Ohio State football program program.

What'd you think about this year's Michigan-Ohio State game? And what about the Buckeyes finishing the year unbeaten?

It was definitely a wonderful experience to watch the team bounce back to finish a great season, 12-0, and beat That Team Up North. (Ed. note – Keep an eye on Tracy; he's got the lingo down already.)

So you've been an Ohio State commit since back in April. You got to take your official visit without some of the pressures of guys like Mike Mitchell. Did you guys try to work Mitchell, Munger, and some of those guys that were still on the fence?

Yes sir, we did. We worked them well.

Were there any specific highlights of the visit as a whole? Any real take aways from your official visit to Ohio State?

Well, the wonderful food *laughter*. But no, the staff as a whole was just amazing. Those were definitely the highlights.

Did Ohio State talk specifically about what position they want you at?

Yeah, they'd like me to play either as a defensive end or a defensive tackle.

How's your relationship with the other guys that make up the class of 2013?

I'd say we're really close. Especially after this last visit.

So what element of your game do you need to work on the most between now and when you arrive on campus in January?

I think more than anything I'm just going to need to adjust myself to the fact that I'm not longer playing high school football. It's going to be college football that I'm playing.

Finally, do you have words for Ohio State fans out there reading this that are eager to see you line up this spring and next fall?

Yeah, let them know that this class is epic. I'm really looking forward to helping this team win championships.

Thanks to Tracy for taking the time to talk with us. See what he brings to the table for next year's d-line here: