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Ohio State recruiting: '13 OH DL Billy Price talks about his official visit

Ohio's 2013 D1 Co-Defensive Player of the Year Billy Price joined us to discuss what his Ohio State official visit was like, the Buckeyes going 12-0, he and his classmates' own recruiting of LB Mike Mitchell, and much more.

Billy Price, future Buckeye nose tackle.
Billy Price, future Buckeye nose tackle.

The Ohio State Buckeyes are 12-0. No NCAA punishment could deny a motivated, angry group from doing what few what have predicted they'd done going into the season. While they didn't have any post season glory to show for their troubles, the team can reflect positively on a divisional championship and a year in which they defeated their arch rivals, 26-21, which in the storied Michigan-Ohio State rivalry can be worth as much as any bowl win ever would be. But for all the spoils and pride that goes along with accomplishing something that had only been done five times previously in Ohio State's long, storied football history, what comes next for the Buckeyes?

Enter Billy Price and the rest of the 2013 Ohio State verbal commitments. They, along with a few guys still in the process of making up their minds, were in attendance for the Buckeyes' "Celebration of Perfection". This group will form the crux of the future of Ohio State football...but that's not going to stop them from taking in the moment in the here and now. The vast majority of these recruits were also in town for the weekend on their NCAA allowed official visits.

We chatted with Price about his official visit, the class of 2013's intra-recruiting of Mike Mitchell, and what the future of the Ohio State defensive line is going to look like.

So obviously one of the highlights of this past weekend was Ohio State's big celebration of their perfection season. How was it in person?

The celebration was crazy hype. I loved ever minute of it, especially seeing that the city of Columbus was completely behind this university.

Obviously we have to talk about The Game. Ohio State defeats Michigan and finishes the season unbeaten. What'd you think about that?

The crowd at that one was also pretty crazy hyped; just full of energy. To finish a season 12-0 is a rare task. To think that I'll be a part of such a program is absolutely mind blowing.

We know you've been on board with the Buckeyes since February. Did you and some of the other 2013 guys try to sell Mitchell and those still undecided on their officials?

I personally hung out with Mike Mitchell and talked with him all weekend.

What would you say was the best of your official visit?

The highlight of the trip would definately have to have been the food. Yeah, I know, leave it to a lineman to say that, but the food around campus was just amazing.

What has the OSU staff been telling you about where they'd like to play you?

Specifically the coaches have told me I'll be playing Nose man, 1-technique.

How do you and the other class of 2013 guys get along?

My relationship definitely improved with most of the guys this past weekend. It was nice to see some of the personalities outside of a football setting.

What do you think you need to work on most before you show up in Columbus next summer?

I think I need to work on getting my body more lean, developing more violent hands, and improving my endurance, from both a muscular and cardiovascular perspective.

Finally, anything you'd like to say to the Ohio State fans out there who look forward to seeing you play next fall?

I can promise them that the competition for starting positions and playing time will be high. Competition will fuel the defense to excel, prosper, and help us become the nation's number one defense.

Thanks again to Billy for his time. Check out what Billy will be bringing to the 2013 Ohio State defensive line here: