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Hangout in the Holy Land Ep. 5: Should Ohio State monitor player bank accounts?'s Matt Brown, Chris Kopech, and Luke Zimmermann chat about whether or not institutions like Ohio State should be auditing/monitoring their student athlete's personal expenses

It doesn't take much to set off Internet kingmaker Brooks of famed websomething Sports by Brooks off. And yet, Ohio State's new practice of requiring assistant coaches to monitor player's personal finances evidently did just that Tuesday afternoon:

One word to describe practice of NCAA schools monitoring bank accounts of unpaid employees who create billions for them. I'll start: Slavery

Gotta get them RTs, eh Brooksy? Still, it's certainly not an open and shut case whether or not the situation is one that provides a net benefit to the students or if it's part of something more Big Brother-ish. In order to figure out something more resembling a definitive opinion on the matter, we delve deeper into the subject, and given Ohio State's recent issues with players trading personal property for material gain, you might be surprised by our answers (or, like, not at all; that's what we call a tease in the industry).

We also discuss Big John Hankins' departure for the National Football League, what Ohio State faces this evening in Savannah State, and whether or not Chris Petersen to Wisconsin ever had a snow ball's chance in hell (plus where the Badgers turn from here).

As we introduced last week (because we're givers), if you prefer to listen to us in lieu of seeing us, you can do so below: