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Michigan suspends three including mortified punter for Outback Bowl

The Wolverines will be without a pair of starters and a backup for their trip to sunny Tampa.

Still mortified.

That Team Up North face an uphill battle facing the fringe top ten University of South Carolina Gamecocks in New Year's Day's Outback bowl. That challenge just had its degree of difficulty increased even more.

The team announced Sunday that three players (including starting cornerback J.T. Floyd and famed GIF Championship runner up, Will Hagerup) will miss the game due to a violation of team rules. In addition to being terrified for his very life against a Ohio State over a year ago, Hagerup had previously been suspended for four games in 2011 for a similar offense and missed The Game in 2010 for the same thing. The specifics of those never really came to light. Joining the duo on the pine is senior backup linebacker Brandin Hawthorne who's mostly seen run at special teams during his career.

Michigan head coach Brady Hoke issued the following statement:

"It is an honor to play football for the University of Michigan, and we have high standards and expectations for everyone that represents our program. These young men used poor judgment in each circumstance, and these suspensions are teaching moments for our team."

Hagerup was actually voted the Big Ten's best punter in 2012 but we'll never forget the terror he exhibited in A^2 that fateful fall Saturday. Stay strong, young buck. The worst is clearly behind you.