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Hangout in the Holy Land Ep. 6: Prelude to Kansas-Ohio State's Matt Brown and Luke Zimmermann talk all things Ohio State basketball. What do the Winthrop Eagles bring to Value City Arena and how will it prepare the Buckeyes for Kansas this Saturday? Plus, a look at Wisconsin's coaching carousel for good measure.

College basketball is in full effect. To the delight of Ohio State partisans, Thad Matta's crew is off to a red hot start. A temporary set back against Duke aside, the Buckeyes are unscathed otherwise. The Buckeyes' other "premiere" out of conference contest against Marquette was condensation-ed out, but Ohio State's still managed to handle their business against all the teams that they should.

Still, questions remain about whether the Buckeyes genuinely have a bonafide second scorer. Others wonder if the flashes of offensive prowess demonstrated by junior star point guard Aaron Craft will ever resurface again or were merely a red herring. The other question lingering is whether the Buckeyes can get consistent production from their interior bigs (though senior Evan Ravenel has been the real deal in the last contest and change).

We discuss all these, tonight's game against Winthrop, Saturday's game against Kansas, and then, for good measure, we shift gears and hit on the coaching carousel madness surrounding Wisconsin.

As per usual, feel free to stream or download the podcast below in audio format if our movie star good looks are just too NSFW for your office environment.