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Ohio State remains #1 in LGHL's BlogPoll Top 25 ballot

Protest voting is not rewarding at all, but alas.

Still feels good, man.
Still feels good, man.
Jamie Sabau

Ho, ho, ho. Ohio State is still our #1 in the final pre-bowl BlogPoll Top 25 ballot, because while the number of arbitrary faux moralists omitting the Buckeyes entirely from their ballots (which is completely against the spirit of the poll and is based on no guidelines/suggestion or otherwise) is down from eight, there are still five self righteous blow hards out there doing it. This vote's for your.

The rest of our ballot is back to being pretty conventional (as opposed to last week where we arbitrarily rated two-loss Texas A&M and Stanford over more deserving/better resumed teams because that's been en vogue with some of the poll's even more respected voters). Georgia is a bit low, but they probably shouldn't have gotten blown out by South Carolina if they wanted us to rank them higher. We may have overrated Nebraska by not punishing them more for their awful showing in the Big Ten Championship Game, but, if you can argue that any of the teams below them would beat them heads up (other than Wisconsin, natch), you know something we don't.

Also, we've got an action item in this week's ballot post. We've attached a poll asking what we should honor as of our go to system.

We'll always support the spirit of the BlogPoll and plan to continue as members as long we're fortunate enough for them to have us, but we're also not willing to lose perspective/current readers by having to put something as petty as "#6 Ohio State" in our headlines either. Please to participate in making this site better. Kthnx, bai.