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Ohio State recruiting: '14 NC 4-star TE Jeb Blazevich talks Buckeyes, his future

We chat with 2014 NC tight end Jeb Blazevich about his recently named top six, including Ohio State, the offer he has from the Buckeyes, and the recruiting process itself.

One of the first recruits in the class of 2014 to receive an offer from Ohio State was 4-star tight end Jeb Blazevich. Coach Meyer made it very clear early on that Blazevich was high on his recruiting board. The 6'5", 230-pound recruit caught 32 passes in his sophomore year for 513 yards and six touchdowns. While Blazevich down plays his performance this season, he did help his high school reach the state championship game. Blazevich actually ended up winning the championship game with his team and was a large part of their success.

Coach Meyer isn't the only one after Blazevich's talents. His impressive list of scholarship offers shows what major coaches think about the junior tight end. As far as the offers themselves, LSU, Florida, North Carolina, Michigan, South Carolina, Maryland and Virginia all gave an offer to Blazevich.

Now, Blazevich has narrowed his choices down to Alabama, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Clemson, Ole Miss and Georgia. With his recent announcing of those six, we talked with Blazevich about the schools he favors and what his thoughts are on Coach Meyer and the Buckeyes as a whole.

What do you think of Ohio State right now?

I really like OSU, they are one of my top 6 and have been showing me a lot of love lately, great football and academics and alumni base.

Did you hang out with any current Ohio State players after The Game?

I talked with a few guys but didn't hang out with them just meet and greet

Have you talked with any of the coaching staff? What have they said?

I have talked with coach withers Hinton and Meyers quite a lot and love and respect them and their staff and know they care about their players and want/expect the most out of their players

How did your season go from a personal standpoint? Did you meet any of your goals that you made?

My season went great, I didn't have any great stats but I did my job to help us win a state championship, getting double teamed every game didn't help but who cares cause we had so many other kids step up

Do you currently have any favorites right now out of the six you named?

No favorites out of the six no.sir.

When do you plan on deciding?

I plan on deciding before this summer God willing

What are the biggest factors when making your decision?

Now that I've narrowed it to 6 I need to continually find factors that are important to me and keep that going so I can decide, as of now I have no clue

Are you planning on taking any more official visits to Ohio State?

I plan on visiting OSU once or twice this off-season

What are your thoughts on Ohio State's offense, particularly relating to the use of the tight end?

I love their offense and how they currently utilize stoneburner, that man is just a stud and they find ways to utilize him

Do you talk with any other recruits about coming to Ohio State?

I do, but in confidence and its an unspoken rule not to talk on another recruits behalf or use any names with any schools

What are your biggest strengths as a tight end?

I feel like I offer the ability to get in the box and block but the play line up motion out and make plays in space without switching personnel

Is there anything you can improve on?

There's too many things to improve on, speed, strength, route running, hands, knowledge, discipline. You know a player should hang up the cleats when he thinks he can no longer improve himself.