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Best of 2012: The top Ohio State GIFs, Part 2

We continue our end of the year series with a look at the best GIFs from an Ohio State football offensive prospective.

Oh, Braxton.
Oh, Braxton.

Welcome back to our continuing series taking a look at the best Ohio State GIFs of 2012. During the past year, we've done a dozen plus posts highlighting the best of Ohio State action in 600 px or less animated frame form. We've also had a propensity to churn it out as it happened on the even faster paced microblogging environment of Twitter.

After going through hundreds of GIFs from the past football and basketball season, one thing became painfully obvious: paying homage to both football and basketball in a single post would probably be both unwieldy from a browser load perspective and also sort of split up the attention allotted to each. After all, it's a golden age for Ohio State in a money sport perspective. Not just because they have top 10 teams in each of the two major collegiate sports, but because they've got such awesome athletes playing both, there's pretty much an insane play every single game.

As per usual, it's still likely we missed something. If there was an obvious one we overlooked, let us know in the comments below. Who knows, maybe we've already got one that didn't quite make the cut we could share as a "b-side" of sorts with the commentariat.

Braxton Miller, as you know, is probably likely to monopolize any post such as this. While we pretty much already knew what we were getting into in 2012, the Cal game was one particular early one when we saw him begin his metamorphosis into XBRAX 360 (as Grant Edgell first coined him).


But there were certainly some memorable plays in the games that proceeded that one. The big uglies on the offensive line don't always get the love they deserve, but sometimes, when you give them the chance, they'll show themselves every bit as capable of putting the hurt on opposing defenders as defenders tend to do to the skill position guys. Check out OSU center Corey Linsley absolutely leveling somebody on UCF.


Many of you likely have watched the high scoring Nebraska-Ohio State replay the Big Ten Network has taken a fancy to showing over the holidays. Part of what makes it so darned addictive to re-take in over and over again were plays just like this. Braxton Miller is something else.


The Indiana game had a frustrating finish, but was mostly a pretty comprehensively dominant performance until the final 2-3 minutes. And of course Braxton Miller had a word to get in edgewise. Insane stuff.


And then there was the Purdue game. What is there even to say about the way that went down? We all were holding our collective breath after Braxton went down, but Kenny Guiton would go on to build a legend with what he came in and was able to do. Let's go ahead and watch the game tying TD and score equalizing two point conversions involving Guiton, Chris Fields, and Jeff Heuerman and all be better for it.



Braxton Miller seldom needs help when six points are needed. Against Penn State he proved just that with this crazy Game Genie powered move to almost literally teleport into the end zone.


Some of the previous close calls made the Illinois game feel like a "trap game" of sort. How wrong we all were. Corey Brown had one of his most electric plays of the season in this route.


And while Braxton's more than dominated some of these best offensive plays of the year, let's wrap things up the obvious way, by taking one last look at Devin Smith's critically acclaimed catch of the year.