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Ohio State DBs coach Kerry Coombs wants you to be a Buckeye

Prepare to be ready to run through a wall after listening to Ohio State defensive backs coach Kerry Coombs address 2013 RB Ezekiel Elliott.

Former Cincinnati Colerain head coach Kerry Coombs is one of the best things about Urban Meyer's Ohio State Buckeyes right now. If you're an OSU fan, it's hard not to absolutely love Coombs. In addition to helping right Travis Howard, he's also about the most entertaining thing to watch outside of the games in Ohio Stadium each Saturday in the fall.

And then there's this element. Check out the video above in which Coombs gives a speech to 2013 Ohio State verbal commit, RB Ezekiel Elliott. Elliott is a player many Buckeye aficionados already can't wait to get on campus, but if you listen to this speech, you'll probably be ready to make your verbal commitment to the Buckeyes as well.

When Coombs was rumored to be in the mix at the University of Cincinnati earlier this month, for all the absurdity of noted carpetbagger Tommy Tuberville ultimately landing the gig, at least it keeps Coombs on the side of the good guys for just a little while longer.

"Did you beat Alabama's corner's coach today? Did you out coach Alabama's corner's coach today?"

Doesn't get much more awesome than that.