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Hangout in the Holy Land Ep. 4: Bret Bielema to Arkansas

Luke Zimmermann and Matt Brown are back to talk a jam packed college sports week that was. Who says bowl bans are slow and uneventful?

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Joni Mitchell was right you guys, we paved paradise and put up a parking lot where the beautiful garden that was Bret Bielema in the Big Ten used to be. While Bielema's resume left some to be desired, there's always the contextual framing that he was doing so at Wisconsin and hell, he had a better career winning percentage than Barry Alvarez. Let's not try and pretend he beat who he didn't and he didn't at Ohio State or Michigan. But also, that guy was super annoying, and well, the mental gymnastics that Bielema v. Les Miles is sure to provide will be pretty much gold.

But there's other stuff going on in sports too. Remember that time Braxton Miller wasn't a Heisman finalist? Us too, but unfortunately we also remember a cavalcade of Notre Dame hate to try and revisionist Manti Te'o's ability (and importance to that team). NFL scouts don't lie, bros (well, at least about things that don't involve Ryan Leaf).

There's also the matter of Ohio State's deflating loss to Duke and how waxing The Beach (more commonly known as Long Beach State) can help them get their mojo back.

Please to watch/listen/enjoy.

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