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Welcome To Land-Grant Holy Land

Jamie Sabau

Greetings. Welcome to the gateway to a new kind of vicarious pilgrimage to a place so special it's often hard to do it justice.

The last calendar year for Ohio State1 has been one marked by frustration, varying degrees of optimism, insecurity, and ultimately assuagement. Fortunately, that dark tunnel seems to be coming to an end. Our weary eyes are making out an indecipherable light in the distance. It's impossible to say definitively whether what lies ahead will be the answer to our prayers or a search for new answers. But since almost no one ever willingly embraces change alone, let's make that long walk down and out of the tunnel into what comes next together.

SB Nation has long sought a natural fit, an Ohio State delegate fitting of the school's aspirations, history, and the zealousness of its fans. The network's played host to some tremendous minds and talents, but for a variety of reasons, they've fallen more into the Earle Bruce and John Cooper mold2 than the Jim Tressels of the web in terms of staying power. While we wouldn't dare prematurely group ourselves into the likes of any such publishing (or coaching for that matter) luminaries, our ambition is certainly Urban Meyer-esque and we aim to lay the groundwork for the kind of staple that will age gracefully and mature the way the giants of this very network have.

In recruiting the talent to bring what you see to fruition, the qualifications were simple: voice, voice, voice, and voice. There are a lot of really skillful, very opinionated people with varying ties and identities born from and of The Ohio State University, and frankly, it'd be selfish to not give them the sort of platform they deserve. We can't promise you'll always agree with everything all of them have to say, but we do promise you a rich tapestry with which to take in the latest surrounding Ohio State sports and an accompanying place to sound off on it.

We also find ourselves in a bit of a liberating position. As a new destination in its infancy, we have the liberty to experiment and take risks that more familiar digs don't always have the luxury to. If there's something you've always yearned to see done, covered, or tackled in an environment like this, let us know, at Additionally, if you think you'd be a great fit for what we're trying to accomplish here, we'd love to hear from you what you can bring to the table.

We can't echo enough how excited we are for this to become a reality.

Welcome again, and Go Bucks.

1. I'd quantify the previous by adding on athletics but anyone with any degree of impartiality towards both know the two are inseparable.

2. These coaches kicked ass. As did these sites.