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Off-Topic: Ohio State Builds 500 Trillion Watt Laser; World Domination Imminent

World domination: imminent. (Image provided by Shutterstock)
World domination: imminent. (Image provided by Shutterstock)

Sure, some folks are looking to solve our complex world's ever increasing thirst for energy by looking towards solar power, wind based energy, and even in some cases, so-called "clean" natural resources. Ohio State physicists have decided to pursue something notably more bad ass.

Utilizing a $6 million petawatt laster (that's inside the sun fusion level energy), Ohio State researchers will be able to shoot test blasts nearly a hundred times a day where previous technology would account for one blast a day at nearly the cost of $200,000 per attempt.

The laser is expected to begin precursory testing May 15th with total power comparable to the entire output of the northeastern U.S. power grid.

Whether harnessed for good or evil (an accidental misfire takes out an unoccupied Big House; what's the worst that could happen?), it's pretty clear that OSU researchers continue to lead the forefront of a pressing area of research.