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Ohio State News: Beat The Clock, 04/25/2012

Opponent Recap: Ohio State

Any excuse I have to post said play I will until the end of time. Also, MGoBrian has a tremendous year-that-was recap on the painful 2011 Ohio State Buckeyes.

Eleven Dubcast: Dog Of Death | Eleven Warriors

The gold standard of Ohio State podcasts is joined by the Dispatch's Ohio State beat writer Bill Rabinowitz. They discuss what was, what will be, and what Pope Urban's reign means to OSU football.

Ohio State renaissance man William H. H. 'Tippy' Dye remembered after death - Sports - The Lantern - Ohio State University

Tippy Dye: the original Troy Smith. All around boss.

Mewhort, Linsley lead turnaround

More on the turn around undergone by Corey Linsley since Urban Meyer and co. came into town. Also some perspective on Jack Mewhort's continued evolution.

Turner not bothered by 'fabrications' in book

Evan Turner's denial game, much like his NBA one, still needs some work.

Gee slams Sports Illustrated, Sporting news as 'bad journalism' - Campus - The Lantern - Ohio State University

Oh, GG. You were looking so good! Even though his general point is right, his timing and delivery could use work. The "I haven't read most of it" take doesn't exactly lend one valid criticism license either.

Bowls' extravagant revenues are closely examined as the NCAA mulls a playoff system - Yahoo! Sports

Dan Wetzel, doin' work.


via Purdue Athletics

Why that smoke doesn't look at all like a... Welp. It sure does.

Jim Delany, ladies and gents.


Lime-A-Rita, Bud Light Puts Margarita Flavors in a Can

Coming soon to an off-campus Ohio State living room near you.

GameStop hosting 'Diablo 3' launch parties across the globe

Say goodbye to your social life.

Memes @ Gallery 1988

The internet has a greatest hits album.

That hair, tho.