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Ohio State News: Beat The Clock, 04/27/2012

Super fan or just some nut?
Super fan or just some nut?

Recruiting Rundown | The Ozone

Make up for your short attention span by getting a quick run through on the recruits the Buckeyes are still chasing down.

B1G 2012 // Keeping the Enemy Close: OSU or Psycho U? - Off Tackle Empire

Off Tackle Empire wraps up Ohio State week with a third party look at the Bucks' so-called "super fans".

University of South Carolina cited for failure to monitor

The Gamecocks get similar penalties as the Bucks, but dodge a post season ban due to their going"beyond standard expectations" in terms of cooperation. Definitely makes you wonder what (if anything) Gene Smith could've done differently or if the Bobby DiGeronimo ties were just too damning.

Your comments: Criticism of Penn State's non-conference schedule is unfair |

PennLive readers think the schedule strenght is just fine, PAWWWWL. Virginia and Rutgers are tough OOC games!

La Torre: Firm Helping Penn State Improve Relations With State, Local Media - PRNewser

That's a lot of money... And still probably not enough.

Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, and the future of the NFL quarterback - Grantland

Get smart by learning about the next evolution in quarterback play.



The Future Direction of the BCS: Headed for Home - One Foot Down

A look at where college football is headed by SB Nation Notre Dame site, One Foot Down.

Reviewing the Mock Drafts - Real Clear Sports

The so-called draft experts are getting E's for their 1st round work.

TU, Jordan Clarkson reach mutual agreement on departure from Hurricane basketball program | Tulsa World

Clarkson finally gets his freedom, albeit via compromise. College basketball (and football for that matter) still have a long way to go in the area.

NASA Space Shuttle Enterprise: the NYC fly-by, in pictures | The Verge

Some of the coolest photos you'll ever see.

Secret Phone Call between Dallas and 1st round, 6th overall pick Morris Claiborne

Really awesome moment between a team giddy to get their top target and a young man having his dreams come true. Definitely refreshing to see a near tear jerking moment in lieu of all the message board and twitter trolls shamelessly patronizing a young man with a learning disability.

Pew: 17% of Americans get no news daily

Ignorance is bliss.

A banger for your weekend: