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Ohio State Football: Brewster, Sweat Amongst Undrafted Buckeyes

Mike Brewster, undrafted but still with opportunities.
Mike Brewster, undrafted but still with opportunities.

Despite being graded by some as being as high as a third or fourth round talent, Ohio State center Michael Brewster went undrafted Saturday during the final four rounds of the 2012 NFL Draft. Brewster will now become an undrafted free agent, which all things considered, gives him considerably more leverage in terms of finding the best situation for him personally. The financial difference between being a 7th round selection and going into camp as an undrafted free agent could more than easily be made up in Brewster's prospective second contract. None the less, it's still disappointing for a guy who a year ago was being projected as a late first-to-mid-second rounder to not hear his name called at all during the draft's three days. Brewster truly made a sacrifice to come back for his final year of eligibility and to try and weather an otherwise difficult situation with suspensions, a head coaching change, and the worst overall Ohio State season in more than a decade.

Also undrafted was 2011 starting Ohio State linebacker Andrew Sweat. Sweat, a former four star talent from Washington, Pennsylvania, wasn't thought by many to be a likely draftee and will also have to make a club (or practice squad) through the free agency route. Other Buckeyes who could find their way into free agent try outs include J.B. Shugarts and Joe Bauserman.