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Did You Hear What Tim Tebow Said About Ohio State?

So don't care.
So don't care.


No I did not hear what a backup quarterback/punt protector said about a college he has nothing to do with.

I think it's great he still has ties to that school's head coach that happened to be his coach back when he was in college over two years ago. We could all be so lucky to have that kind of relationship with former authority figures we happened to identify with/had a great working relationship with.

Is that player donating money to Ohio State's football scholarship fund?

Is he working to steer prospective recruits (which would probably be an NCAA violation or something) towards Ohio State and that coach he still sends Christmas cards to?

Is he doing anything other than giving Ohio State well wishes and dishing out consequence free hyperbole based on the fact that he has a pre-existing relationship with someone that works for the university?


He sure seems like a nice fellow.