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EDSBS Charity Drive: Embarrass Michigan. Do It Now.

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Over at my other other blog, Every Day Should Be Saturday, the site's annual charity drive kicked off this morning at 9:00 a.m. You owe it to yourself to participate for a number of reasons. The least of them is that migrating to this country from a war torn hell hole (no, not Ann Arbor) is a brutal, all but impossible experience without the aid of organizations like the Refugee Resettlement and Immigration Services of Atlanta. If you're not familiar with the plight, do yourself a favor this offseason and read Warren St John's tremendous "Outcasts United".

There's really nothing more American dream than helping make people's dreams of being business owning, tax paying Americans a reality:

For your efforts, should Ohio State fans comprise the largest majority of donators, EDSBS will be re-skinned with Scarlet & Gray, an entire episode of Shutdown Fullback will be devoted to the Buckeyes, and a custom long form content about the deplorableness of Michigan will grace both this site as well as over there.

Plus, if we reach $30,000 in donations, Spencer will do something super embarrassing, like eat cheese (which he hates), or study necromancy to resurrect Bo Schembechler from beyond the grave just so he can punch him in the face. Your call.

Reader onetakedizzle had the ideas of all idea: we all donate $37.07 to ensure that the 2010 vacated Michigan win lives in infamy forever. It's a reasonable donation and also affordable just about regardless of socioeconomic status and/or financial situation.

Did we mention that Michigan not only won but absolutely mopped the floor with everyone else last year? Seriously, y'all. Is it any wonder that Ohio State's streak against the Wolverines ended in the same calendar year? I, for one, think not.

Donate. Now. Remember to list Ohio State as your school of affiliation. Help folks who really need it, get a modest tax break while doing it, and of course, shit on Michigan in the process. Win-win-win.