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1) Subscribe To The SB Nation YouTube Channel, 2) ???, 3) Profit

You've probably noticed the video player on the right hand side of this very blog that's been there since the site's inception. We launched SB Nation's official YouTube channel on March 1st with some pretty lofty ambitions. After a few months to hone the process and try a form factors to see which ones stuck, the results have gotten well, frankly, rather awesome:

Shows like Shutdown Fullback and basically anything done by Matt Sussman over at Hustle Belt are absolute must watches if you're a college sports fan.

Whether you're a YouTube junkie or just the type that only visits the site from time to time to watch hype videos or recruiting highlights, the quality and production values of basically anything being pumped out by SBN studios right now is enough to make you reconsider your habits. I was weary myself never being much more of an online video guy beyond Netflix and the occasional dabble into Hulu, but they've become the part of my same daily routine that used to just include RSS feeds and bookmark hit lists.

If you haven't already done so, what are you waiting for? Subscribe to the SB Nation YouTube channel today.