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Ohio State News: Beat The Clock, 04/30/2012

*Fights back tears* Every case of the Monday's you ever have for the rest of time, just think: I don't have to watch Walrusball ever again.

Ohio State 2012 Draft Class Snapshot | Cus Words

A solid primer/rundown on Ohio State draftees from this past weekend and interviews with many.

Stat Session: Predicting Buckeyes' Success in the NFL | Eleven Warriors

Sticking with the statistical theme of this morning, Chad uses math to try and forecast how this draft class will fare at the next level.

Which undrafted B1G players signed free-agent deals? " Big Ten Network

Who landed where from a conference perspective.

Bob Hunter commentary: Transfers are new norm in basketball | Buckeye Xtra Sports

Includes a rather interesting quote from Walter Offutt.

College basketball coaching carousel continues to spin, but just a handful of jobs remain - Yahoo! Sports

Keep up with this offseason's turnover and see who's where now.

Inside the new Penn State weight room

They sure love America.

Jersey debate is No. 1 issue when it comes to Michigan's uniform | The Detroit News |

The number one most important issue plaguing Michigan's offseason. /showsselfout

I have not come to bury the BCS, but to praise it. | Get The Picture

A fitting contrarian angle (with some very valid reservations raised).


PHOTO: New Utah State Uniforms - From Our Editors -

Looking good, Utah State BBs!

Your day just got better

It sure did.

Hope you're ready for your work day to end with your face getting rocked off: