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Ohio State News: Beat The Clock, 05/01/2012

Say it ain't so, Urbz. While the rest of the college football eating, breathing, and sleeping world celebrates the death of a piss poor, mediocre system, Ohio State's head coach seems reticent to accept change that would make arguably the best subset of a sport even greater. Also, evidently this bit of criticism isn't anything new:

Shout out to the esteemed Jeff Svoboda.

Urban Meyer and former Buckeye Jeff Logan hit the links for scholarship money - Sports - The Lantern - Ohio State University

The above comments originated at a charity event Urban Meyer was golfing over the last several days. Evidently Al Golden digs the long ball, but Urban ran away with the closest to the pin contest yesterday.

A Crafty Proposal for Ohio Stadium Beer Prices

Bourbon god Ramzy Nasrallah makes the most reasoned, sensible argument for beer sales in Ohio Stadium that you'll ever read.

Plane crash survivor Austin Hatch plans to play for Michigan Wolverines in 2013 - ESPN

It's Michigan, but as a human being, you cant help but root for someone who's been through such unbelievable hardships. God speed, young squire.

Like life, football will find a way – Campus Union

Jurassic Park metaphor? Jurassic Park metaphor.

Pro Combat Goes B1G: Indiana edition - Black Heart Gold Pants

You're crazy for this one, Horace!

Rutgers Unveils New Nike Pro Combat System of Dress

Actual, real uniforms expected to be rocked this year by the State University of New Jersey. Sort of more underwhelming when you consider Kyle Flood (him? /AD'd) will be coaching the team wearing them.

The 2012 Heisman Trophy Watch List | Heisman Pundit

We're not historical fans of HP's work, but he if there is one thing he excels at, it's being first. Sadly John Simon was snubbed in the piece (or should I say John Seismon?)


Amar'e Stoudemire vs. the Extinguisher: An Oral History -

Absolutely brilliant.


Win forever, internet GIF kings.

Extremely important jam to take you into your Tuesday evening: