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Urban Meyer Takes Construction Site Picture; Begs Internet To Photoshop It

Well Bria, that's pretty awesome your dad got to meet a coach as accomplished as Meyer. However, seeing as how this is the Internet and all, i'm not sure we have any choice except to Photoshop him into a variety of situations and scenarios. To wear a construction helmet and sunglasses like that, well I mean, it's pretty much asking for it. Best to your dad though, and congratulations again that he got to meet Coach Meyer!

Because golden era Simpsons jokes are never not apropos:


Admit it, the construction hat immediately took some of you to Jurassic Park. No problem. This isn't Urban's first trip to Isla Sorna either:


Don't sweat it, Doctor. It's just chaos, after all.

And of course there was the first-day-on-the-job-guy. It's cool; Urban's got this:


Beats dying. I guess.

Last but certainly not least, what with it being Friday and all:


Just a couple of dogs with cool attitudes.

UPDATE: Per TomOrr4's request, we bring you construction, dealt with: