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Ohio State News: Beat The Clock, 05/11/2012



Aww, yeah. Braxton Miller joins Denard Robinson and Montee Ball on the cover of the Big Ten part of B1G country's edition of college football's bible, Phil Steele's College Football Preview Magazine 2012. Steelemas is coming, y'all.

Lots of interesting thoughts here. Sweat has a bright legal career ahead of him, but the fear is his college playing days being riddled with concussions may have short changed his opportunity to ever make it in the NFL. It sounds bizarre to say, but for his sake, let's just hope this was a personal decision.

Gophers Now" Blog Archive " Vikings could pay Gophers $3 million per season to use TCF Bank Stadium

Get money, get paid, Gophers.

College football's best only TV internet-based show is back with a horrific look at the end times. #pray4collegefootball


How to make creamy pumpkin soup.

A genius toddler really needs to poop.

For once, I too feel like a genius... Toddler.

Music for the weekend