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Ohio State News: Beat The Clock, 05/14/2012

Analyzing Ohio State’s 2012 Schedule " Big Ten Network

The Big Ten Network's Tom Dienhart with a look at Ohio State's 2012 football schedule:

Rugged stretch: The season ends with a tough 1-2 punch: a trip to Wisconsin—Ohio State’s chief rival in the Leaders Division–on Nov. 17 and a visit from "that team up North" on Nov. 24. Interestingly, the Big Ten season opens with a bang, too, with a trip to Michigan State on Sept. 29 followed by a visit from Nebraska on Oct. 6.

Interesting factoid: In Big Ten play, the Buckeyes alternate home and road games, never playing two in a row at home or on the road.

Dienhart also points out that the mightier-when-scheduled Cal Golden Bears were just 20-18 in the last 3 seasons.

Class of '09 a bust?

Probably not too soon to start mulling the question over, particularly when you look at the departures and the Jamie Wood's of the world. Vrabel Fitting In On OSU Staff

The last non-cornerback addition to the position coaches ranks is having the same kind of impact he did as a player.

Ohio State football: Assistant spreading the word in Texas | Buckeye Xtra Sports

Tom Herman's Texas State and Rice roots are helping Ohio State expand a potential pipeline down to the Lone Star State.

Ohio State considering move to shift all second-year students into campus housing, but critics abound |

Not news per se, as Gee has been recommending it for almost 5 years, but definitely something potentially of interest to current and prospective students. I lived on-campus for some of my sophomore year and some off. Living in the right dorm for year two could be key for some, but living in the boring dredges of Baker Hall East wasn't for me.

Pro Combat Goes B1G: Minnesota Edition - Black Heart Gold Pants

Horace E. Cow with arguably the series' best yet.

Relegation: Why College Football Needs To Embrace Cannibalism -

Spencer takes what Matt hit on a few weeks prior and goes full on ham with it.

Good Coaches Don’t Grow on Trees…Or do They? " Coaches | By The Numbers.

A look at contemporary coaching trees (though if they included Mike Leach as a branch under Bob Stoops it'd be pretty much game over). Buckeye fall opponent Jeff Tedford is listed in the most prosperous tree.

Impact Of FSU's Potential Move To Big XII On Football Fan Travel - Tomahawk Nation

An interesting look at the ongoing controversy. - Column: It's all about the money



Slow States | The Slow States Wilco Project #63-#54

The SS (welp) Wilco Project keeps a-rollin'.

This Little League umpire may want to dial back on the caffeine consumption | Big League Stew - Yahoo! Sports

Tone it down there, chief.

A Little Hotness For Your Monday Commute:

Never change, R.