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Ohio State News: Beat The Clock, 05/15/2012

Every day the College Football Hall of Fame exists without the likes of Pace in it is another its relevancy decreases.

Big Ten athletic directors back four-team football playoff | The Detroit News |

As mentioned earlier today, Big Ten presidents have completely abandoned the idea of on-campus playoff semifinals and instead will push for a plan that would involve games at the site of the existing BCS bowls. Beyond that? The presidents don't seem to know what to make of where we're headed:

"I'm very much in favor of a system that rewards as many conference champions as possible," he said. "But I think you need to keep some wiggle room for other teams that are ranked, whether that be one or two of those spots. That's some of the debate that we're going through right now."

Gene Smith echoed similar sentiments in an interview with ESPN's Adam Rittenberg earlier today.

A fond farewell is in order for J.D. "The Weather Machine" Weatherspoon. Much like Jordan Sibert before him, Weatherspoon is staying in-state, in this case bound for Toledo. We wish him the absolute best as he dunks on hapless MAC opposition in years to come.

Could an early signing period be coming to college football soon? Hold on to your butts...

Top 10: The most pleasant surprise players of the spring -

Ohio State fullback/h-back/something-back and probable future captain Zach Boren checks in on (Freed) Bruce Feldman's list of break out spring football players.

O'Brien offers glimpse into future on PSU caravan

SPOILER ALERT: It probably involves a new head coach at Penn State in, oh, about 3 seasons. - A coach coming of age

An interesting humanizing piece on once villain USC head coach Lane Kiffin, he of the probable top 2 or 3 team going into the fall.

A study of percentages and philosophies - Luke Winn -

A great read on the importance of the three point line (and defending it).

College Conference Realignment: What We Can Learn From Soccer Relegation -

Today's take on what relegation might look like on the college football landscape.

We would’ve gone with "Ineffa Bowl" – Campus Union

The internet names a bowl [via viral marketing-waves].

A Miracle Squared: Celebrating The Greatness Of Bo Jackson -

Tremendous look at all-time legend Bo Jackson from two of SBN's best.


Another 30 films on the subjects and stories that have captured our attention - Grantland

Reds legend Pete Rose, both in denial and trying to live. A fascinating view of a complicated human being.

Music Fit For A Tuesday Afternoon