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Ohio State Football: Urban Meyer & Staff Reveal New Tradition

With a new administration, it's never surprising to expect new traditions to take root. With the onset of the Jim Tressel-era, we saw the adoption of singing Carmen, Ohio, win or loss, after games (which schools like Texas and LSU had been doing for years). Also with Tressel and company, we saw the rise of the Skull Session, in which fans and the team gathered before games to get mentally and emotionally prepared for the contest at hand before the team headed over to the Horseshoe to get dressed and warmed up for that afternoon or evening's contest.

Enter the high energy drill. At Tuesday evening's Town Hall Meeting with Urban Meyer, Luke Fickell, Mike Vrabel, Mickey Marotti, Zach Boren, and others, the group revealed what they hope will be a spirited new way to interact with fans before each home football game. After warm ups in the south end of the stadium, a coach (likely Marotti) will lead the following:

(H/T @tjessberger)

Hard to imagine that just 14 months ago Jim Tressel and the likes of Jim Bollman were still coaches at The Ohio State University.