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They Do It For The Value

How many of these people could've afforded to make this trip to Pasadena if another trip awaited the Badgers the week after?
How many of these people could've afforded to make this trip to Pasadena if another trip awaited the Badgers the week after?

Yesterday, Michigan State's athletic director, Mark Hollis, informed us peasants about the death of on-campus semi-final games. The "value" of the Rose Bowl has to be maintained, you see. I guess I'm not surprised fossils are defending other fossils which make them money. It's a hell of a ruse, and I guess in the end, I have to tip my cap and wait for the Grim Reaper to do what he does.

Unlike athletic directors with posh salaries and closets full of 16th century scotch, I fail to see where the "value" is here for those dwelling in America in the year 2012. Let's say this bowl-playoff abomination took effect this year. Somebody like Michigan plays in Jerry Jones' Fantasy Factory, then the Sun and Blue might have trips to the Big 10 title game and two other neutral sites for the play-offs?

I know these guys take their private jets and dine on a corporate credit card, (and let's make no mistake, these are corporations we're talking about), but who has that kind of money to waltz around the country to follow their local band of amateur footballers?

Most pertinently, what about the students of these corporations?

You always hear about the mythical "student-athletes" which comprise the NCAA, but what about things which actually exist? How are students supposed to travel to all these neutral site carnivals which churn money for only a very select few? Are they supposed to camp out for a week in order to secure one of a handful of discounted bus tickets? Who has that kind of time?

College kids don't have money, but that's only because it's already been sucked dry by inflated tuition costs to attend these same institutions. Maybe kids might be able to take a weekend trip to a shit-hole like Dallas if they didn't have to pimp themselves to loan sharks to attend state schools or jobs paid living wages.

I guess this is why people who look like Mark Hollis and Jim Delaney are the ones sitting in the primo seats and luxury boxes in their stadiums. It takes money to make money.

Isn't college football supposed to be about the Little Guy? When was the last time the Little Guy wasn't shit on by the NCAA structure?

College football used to be a regional sport, but it's quickly becoming a national sport. While the NFL is currently in the process of pricing out regular folks from their events, it would appear that college football is intent on heading down this road.

Why should Ohio State football -- one of Ohio's premiere exports -- be pimped out around the country for corporate sponsors? Why should students and others who aren't paid to jetset around the country, have to take out a payday loan just to watch their local gang of amateur footballers in person?

Not to mention, the Super Bowl is nothing but the apotheosis of corporate whoredom with a mediocre atmosphere. Is this what the crypt keepers of college football have in plan for their sacred lamb? Corporate synergy and more luxury boxes? Pardon me if I'm once again disappointed. I guess I had something more grandiose envisioned for an uniquely American sport.

College campuses are exploding across this country. Hell, all you have to do is walk around Ohio State's perpetual construction zone campus to see what I'm talking about. It's the taxpayers who are giving these schools bond money to build. It's the students who are the ones forking over thousands of dollars for something like an education.

But once again, it's the Little Guy relegated out of the system. It's the Little Guy who will be stuck at home watching, while people like Mark Hollis and their corporate masters get to watch tournament games from sun-drenched luxury boxes in Pasadena.

Yeah, there's certainly value in keeping the Rose Bowl. Unfortunately for those dwelling on the "real streets" of America, they're not the ones who will be cashing in on it.