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Ohio State News: Beat The Clock, 05/16/2012

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We lead off with supplementary news, bits, and information on the earlier released depth chart from a few rock star third party sources:

From multiple accounts of Meyer's presser, it also sounds apparent that Zach Boren will carry the ball in Tom Herman and Urban Meyer's offense. Timeline's converge.

*The Essential Smart Football* | Smart Football

Chris Brown has a book out. You should go buy it so we can be friends (and talk football intelligently).

Presenting The College Football Relegation System, From BCS To NAIA -

Jason Kirk continues to do work, this time with a regional breakdown of how a college football relegation system would look geographically.

Military Veterans: What's Your Favorite Sports Memory From Deployment? - From Our Editors -

If you're a veteran, Matt Ufford would like to spotlight some of your favorite memories of sports that you experienced while abroad. Click above to see how you can participate.

A SCENE FROM CITIZEN DELANY - Every Day Should Be Saturday

A Jim Delany cameo at my other other blog.


Medical Daily: Paralyzed Man Regains Hand Function after Breakthrough Nerve Rewiring Procedure

Unreal account of modern medicine continuing to work miracles.

Cheap shot (motherf***er), eh Dick?

Just a nerdy bro rapping over Gotye putting trolly internet commenters in their place (NSFW lyrics):