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Ohio State News: Beat The Clock, 05/17/2012

Still Urban Meyer. Still against a playoff.
Still Urban Meyer. Still against a playoff.

Meyer against playoff

Water still wet.

Meyer's 'Pivot' Players | Eleven Warriors

Get an X&O insight as to who Urban's principle weapons will be.

Most indispensable players: Ohio State - Big Ten Blog - ESPN

No surprises here.


/Jim Delany face'd

Relegation Simulation: Rewriting College Football History -

Northern Illinois and Toledo play their way into the Big Ten in today's fan fiction.

The Incorrections: Things That Never Happened, And Still Won't -

Spencer mentions Urban Meyer's propagation of the spread to the banks of the Olentangy.

Luck staying at WVU, university's president says - Breaking News - The Charleston Gazette - West Virginia News and Sports -

Clearly holding out for the OSU job, amirite?

'The Essential Smart Football' - Question And Answer With Author Chris Brown Of - Big East Coast Bias

Read it. Buy it. Sleep with it under your pillow. Learn by osmosis.


ESPN - OTL: Bob Bradley, Egypt and soccer in the storm - E-ticket

Interesting insight on the ex-US front man (plus an awesome layout to boot).

Pipe: file sharing in the Facebook age is about to get real | The Verge

Awesome at face value, but what information is stored after the fact and how much would Facebook be willing to protect you say if you were sharing a pre-release album or pirated software? (SPOILER: not much).

All The Times Abed Has Said "Cool" On Community


How the Professor Who Fooled Wikipedia Got Caught by Reddit - Yoni Appelbaum - Technology - The Atlantic

Lesson learned: never f with the Reddit.

Some Thursday night jamz: