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Beat The Clock, 05/18/2012

The Original Terrified Michigan Punter

Could Oregon of the West be just on the horizon for that state up north? But remember, thank god they don't wear Pro Combat's like Ohio State.

From The Vest? You might say that.

If a network eliminates its 3 am infomercials, does anyone who doesn't wake up to them after passing out on the couch following a long day of couch tailgating notice? (H/T Jason of Eleven Warriors)

If four verts f***s the prom queen, five verts has a grotto full of them.

Never been a huge Rosenberg fan, but he's no Drew Sharp and this was a nice farewell.

The SEC and Big 12 collude to launch the Rose Southwest, effectively marginalizing the Capitol One Bowl in the process. Touché, Slive. Touché.

This Week In GIFs: Mostly Just A Bunch Of Terrible Athletes -

Alas, everyone's playing for second this week behind Thunder Dan.


For the weekend, the official recipe for Liquid Dope

If you elect to make it, godspeed.