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Ohio State News: Beat The Clock, 05/02/2012

It's the Deuce de Mayo, and conveniently this plan isn't much of one. This eliminates a lot of the frustrations and headaches that a conference champions only proposal inherently introduces, though does leave some controversy should a conference have arguably the top two or two of the top three best teams in the nation only to have three other conference champions also finish in the top 6. To be determined....

MGoPodcast 3.14: Enemy Recruitin' | mgoblog

Get completely up to speed on Ohio State recruiting by listening to Alex Gleitman drop insane knowledge on the MGoPodcast.

Are Ohio State Buckeyes too big to fail? - ESPN

Adam Rittenberg believes if any school has what it takes to rebuild from a disastrous 2011 in a hurry, Ohio State is that program. Despite a post-season to look forward to in 2011, the players know 2012 is the target and the so-called rebuild can happen in a hurry.

Nate Ebner Earns 'Leonidas' Nickname, Dubbed Ohio State's Most Valuable Player for Strong Work Ethic - New England Patriots -

Nate Ebner is an absolute boss. Need further proof?

Just absolutely ridiculous.

Swofford: Playoff proponents should be 'cautiously optimistic' after BCS meetings : : Greensboro & the Triad's most trusted source for local news and analysis

"Generic optimistic political talking points," said the BCS conference commissioner.

Group envisions bowl game in St. Louis

SEC v. B1G coming to the 'Lou? Somewhere, Nelly and Murphy Lee rejoice.

What playoff, college football reform means for Notre Dame - Andy Staples -

SI's CFB/BBQ aficionado explains how the Irish will fare in the future of college football.

Hokies' hire a reminder that ADs need to be realistic with coaching search - NCAA Division I Mens Basketball - News, Scores, Stats, Schedule and RPI Rankings

Conveniently Ohio State won't have to worry about this for some time, but if you're not a power program, hiring from the have not's is a lot more likely than poaching from the have's.

Indiana Basketball: Why Kenny Johnson is the right fit for Indiana | IU Insider | The Indianapolis Star |

Indiana has a new assistant, and it might not entirely be because he has a great relationship with a high profile recruit (or maybe it is? **TEASE**)

New Cy-Hawk Series Trophy selected in landslide vote | Hawk Central

Infinitely less ridiculous than its proposed predecessor.

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