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Ohio State News: Beat The Clock, 05/24/2012

You haven't purchased Chris' book yet?! What are you waiting for?
You haven't purchased Chris' book yet?! What are you waiting for?

Our Fearless leader is out today. I just got back to civilization myself, so I'll be giving you your daily link dump.

OSU Lantern-OSU releases statement on 12 "additional NCAA Issues"

I can't help but agree with some folks leaving comments on The Lantern website...why is Gene Smith still employed again? The newspaper didn't mention the exact nature of all the NCAA violations (which spanned across multiple sports, including football), but some of them were of the exceptionally petty "wishing a HS recruit good-luck" variety. More on this as it develops, but it doesn't look like any more hammers will befall the football program any time soon.

OSU Lantern-OSU Athletic Department budgets $400,000 on athlete iPads

Apparently OSU student athletes will be enjoying 500 iPads as part of a new partnership with Apple. I'm both a Luddite, and just got married (so i'm totally broke) so I don't have an iPad of my own. It should be interesting to see if this helps athlete student achievement, or helps kids get awesome at Angry Birds. Or whatever it is you kids play with your iPads.

Eleven Warriors-Ross Fulton sits down with Chris Brown of "Smart Football"

Do you want to get smarter at football? It's okay. We all do. Chris discusses innovation in the college game, his new book, and more.

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SB Nation College Football-Clemson BOT meets, Big 12 Raid of ACC rumors continue

I thought the playoffs were supposed to quell this stupid realignment talk? The Big 12 is on the march, and who knows if they grab Louisville and BYU, raid the ACC, or try to grab Notre Dame (lolwut?). The moral of the story is, of course, Fuck Clemson.

SB Nation College Hoops-4 Indiana Schools extend Crossroads Classic Contract

Do you like college hooptyball? Do you want to continue watching Notre Dame, Indiana, Purdue and Butler play each other? If so, great, cause that's totally happening. Indiana faces Butler, and Notre Dame battles Purdue for this upcoming season.

LA Times-UCLA's Reeves Nelson sues SI for defamation

Remember the SI article a few months ago that talked about how discipline with Ben Howland's UCLA squads had totally gone to shit? Reeves Nelson certainly does, and he just threw down a 10 million dollar defamation suit. Gentlemen, prepare to lawyer up.

Black Heart Gold Pants-Purdue releases new Nike Pro Combat Unis

I don't care if this is a day old. If you haven't been reading this series, you should close down the cat pictures and spend the next few min treating yourself. Pure, comedy gold.