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Kyle Bosch In The Age Of Backtracking

So were the words of 2013 Michigan verbal commit offensive lineman Kyle Bosch on Wednesday afternoon in lieu of the flaming pile of superficial outrage left in the wake of a recruiting envelope being burned. He later deleted the tweet and clarified his comments to Tremendous UM:

On the comment: "I'm just trying to defend my teammate and my friend. Logan is like a brother to me and when somebody threatens his life and his family's life, I am going to come to his defense. The gun comment has been taken out of context. I'm only saying that if you're going to threaten my friend and brother that you better bring a gun because if you're truly threatening his life, you'll have to take mine too. I should have realized that it may have been misinterpreted, but it's hard not to be angry when he and his mother have gone through so much".

As has been said at Tremendous/This Is Michigan and other places, it's easy to forget these are irrational, overly emotional 17/18 year olds we're dealing with. Does that mean they don't need to be smarter? Certainly not, but things like this shouldn't be celebrated for anything other than what they are and certainly don't merit visceral over reactions from a bunch of sad, middle aged, helicopter super fans.

Given that we live in a world where our politicians, you know the grown individuals of means we supposedly hold to a higher standard to make our laws and represent our best interests, backtrack on a technological platform they're scarcely qualified to operate like it's their job, it's still worth pointing out that contrary to their often public behavior, they're still adults. These student athletes to be aren't.

I challenge you to remind us all of the last time bulletin board material decided a rivalry game of great consequence.