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Phil Steele (#1PM10YRSRNNING) Has Ohio State 11th In 2012 Preview Magazine


The Oracle, aka Phil Steele, has the Buckeyes 11th in his 2012 College Football Preview. If you care about the sport at all, you'll buy the magazine anyways (broadcasters even rely on it to crib names and stats before and during games they call), but given Steele's track record, it's interesting to see him that high on Ohio State.

Previously Steele had unveiled Brady Hoke dream haunters Ohio 31st, Michigan 22nd, Michigan State 19th, and Nebraska 17th. Of course this means he very likely has Wisconsin in his top 10, has them as his favorites in the Leaders division, and very likely his pick to win the league.

On the Bucks, Steele says the following:

Ohio St actually finished outside of the AP Top 25 for 3 str yrs prior to '02. I rated Ohio St #7 in '02 which was far higher than almost every other source. I called them my #1 Surprise Team (dark horse contender for Nat'l Title) while only 2 other magazines even picked OSU to win the B10. OSU took home their first Nat'l Title s/'68 (Woody Hayes' 3rd) when they defeated Miami. Since then, OSU has finished in the AP Top 5 six of L/9Y.


OSU will be ineligible for the Leaders Title due to their NCAA mandated 1 yr bowl ban. Meyer did bring in a great recruiting class and LY's tm had 4 net close losses, has a +5.5 in my Stock Mark Indicator (pg 27) and TY has 15 ret stst with no further susp looming over their heads. OSU makes both my Most Improved and Surprise Team lists.

Click after the jump to read Steele's pages on Ohio State in their entirety for the 2012 season (available just through the end of today) and don't forget to buy the magazine when it's released June 7th: