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Two men who have literally made millions of dollars on the backs of exploited labor.
Two men who have literally made millions of dollars on the backs of exploited labor.

Last week, BCS officials and prominent conference commissioners met in undoubtedly ritzy conditions in Hollywood, Florida. None of them paid for their own voyage to the summit. None of them probably paid for any of their meals either.

For these charmed few, it was basically an all-expenses-paid trip to Florida in order to try to move heaven and earth to shake up an obsolete collegiate football system. This was their chance to reform college football for the next century.

The commissioners owned all the real leverage. They're the hen houses in which the NCAA's golden geese are housed.

And yet we got a bunch of muddled, half-baked ideas. They can't even call it a "four-team playoff", instead it has to be a "four-team event". (Aren't tortured euphemisms fun?)

For once, why can't these commissioners -- these alleged scions of America's moral defense -- tuck their egos and do what is best for the fans? Why are they continuously bamboozled by their bowl executive sugar daddies?

Here we are, with the BCS leaches trying to hustle their last few sacks of money out of an obviously dying institution. Have you seen some of the schmucks running these bowls and drawing these huge salaries? These clowns are merely calculating one final hustle so they can ride their parachutes of one hundred dollar bills all the way into their padded graves. (Hopefully a flock of geese "serenades" them when they do.)

Why is college football run by boorish, stodgy, old, predominately white men? Where are the dreamers and idealists which college football fans deserve? College football fans are some of the most intuitive fans in American athletics. Yet, the sport is run by crypt keepers.

How are these idiots screwing up a four-team playoff with on-campus semifinals and a final that's bidded out annually to a neutral site? Why are these BCS schmucks even sitting at the table in the first place? (Alas, if only the BCS was run by the ever underrepresented 18-22 year olds.)

I'm pretty sure a game like Ohio State at Alabama in a semifinal tournament would be a lot cooler than every Orange Bowl ever. Not to mention, how much tax revenue would be generated for local economies? Why should Ohio State's product support the hotel and service industry in places like Arizona? Why shouldn't these annual injections of cash go to local businesses?

It's not like these people care about tradition. I doubt any of them could list the 2012 members of the Big East, Conference USA, or the MWAC. Did you see how fast Texas A&M bolted on 100+ years of "tradition"? Did you see how quickly Mike Slive gobbled them up? Do you see these people pimping their institutions for bags of cash the other 11 months of the year?

Things are changed so quickly when the financial machines can be lubricated a little more. That's why Nike gets to desecrate various uniforms every year, because they earned that right through their "swag philanthropy" with universities via exclusive contracts. That's why these "schools" let giant corporations turn their fabled "student athletes" into walking billboards with no questions asked. That's why these "schools" even go so far as to promote these "Pro Combat" abominations with said corporations.

Once upon a time, I believed in the mythicism of college football: the pageantry, "the tradition", "all players playing for the love of the game", and so on and so on. But unfortunately for me, I turned 12 one day, and I realized college football is, sadly, like everything else in American society. (As unjust as it is, most things in life aren't accompanied by The Best Damn Band in the Land.)

The crypt keepers of college football are like all crypt keepers in this day and age: They're simply hoarding coins and trying to maintain their wealth and revenue streams during the "turbulent times" we live in. Through the use of cronyism, corruption and other noble pastimes of humanity, the BCS clowns have paid for their seat at the table. Now they're using "traditions" and nostalgia to blur the eyes of the masses.

Watch how these BCS clowns play these egomaniacs off each-other. Who really runs college football: Jim Delany or Mike Slive? The BCS paymasters don't care, just as long as they're paid. The fact that Delany and Slive's egos are more than willing to play the part helps them as well.

This is what people's "traditions" have manifested into. This is where their broken gods lie; their bones ground to ash which have been snorted like street drugs by people like John Junker.

College football needs deep reform, not half-baked propositions from egomaniacs and simpletons. Every year that goes by is a year which denies the inevitable and allows these paymasters to turn another profit. Seeing that there are 18-22 year old kids crippling themselves while 60 year old men make billions of dollars, it's a proposition which I refuse to accept.

I realize society only moves in inches, but I think it's appalling that these commissioners aren't seizing on an opportunity to reform and improve the college football system. If this system was worth protecting, it wouldn't have manifested itself to this point in the first place.